A great big thatk you to lots of different companies and tools that we have used to get this site up and running





bash rename files to remove the first 7 characters

for x in "*.jpg"; do mv "$x" "`echo $x | cat -c 81`"; done


rezize all images in a folder

mogrify -resize 800x800 *.jpg

 Shopify > Debut > Liquid > bespoke changes

code > Sections > collections-template.liquid

{% assign my_tile_len = collection.title.size | minus: 4 %}
{{ collection.title | slice: 4, my_title_len }}

code > Sections > collections.liquid

code > Snippets > collections-grid-item.liquid

code > Templates > product.liquid

Product Image - add drop shadows

magick trough.jpg ( -clone 0 -background gray -shadow 80x3+10+10 ) \
( -clone 0 -background  gray -shadow 80x3-5-5 ) \
-reverse -background none -layers merge +repage \
-background white -flatten trough2.jpg


flatten PNG with transparency into JPG

magick trough2.png -background white -flatten trough2.jpg


Shopify holds images in 2 places: product area (not accessible) or general images.

General images DOES NOT like underscores. files named ow__x.jpg can not be searched. Generally replace all spaces and underscores with dashes.

upgrade pcloud starage to premium to get access to public folders. These allow URL access to images that can be used in csv product load


MaxMinify - good to stop sales but keep the site open. Set a min of £1000


Add customer name and telephone to invoice template

<p>Customer:  {{ }} {{ }} </p>